Loan Application Requirements

1) Your loan process should go smoothly if you complete your loan application properly and provide all necessary documentation to your loan consultant at the time of application.  Be prepared to provide some or all of these items to your loan officer.

  • Addresses of residences for last two years
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Driver's License or other valid ID
  • Names and addresses of employers for the last two years
  • Two recent Pay Stubs showing year--to-date earnings
  • Federal Tax returns for last two years
  • W-2's for Last two years.
  • Last two monthly statements for all checking and savings accounts
  • Loans: Names, addresses, account numbers & payment amounts on all loans, including real estate.
  • Credit Cards: Names, addresses, account numbers and payment amounts on all credit cards.
  • Addresses and values of other real estate owned.
  • Value of person property.  Your best estimate of the value of all of your personal property, (autos, boats, furniture, jewelry, televisions, stereos, computers, other electronics, etc.)
  • For VA loan:  Certificate of Eligibility or DD214s
  • Divorce decree if applicable
  • Funds to pay upfront for the credit report and appraisal
  • Letters of Explanation regarding credit inquiries or special circumstances.

2)  Your loan consultant will order the necessary documentation for the loan.  Any verifications will be mailed, and the credit report and appraisal will be ordered.  You will also receive a Closing Disclosure of your costs and details of your loan.